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Heritage Facing


Heritage Facing is a line of antique style thin brick veneer which has been cut from real bricks with unique character. They can be used both indoors and out and they always produce a beautiful result.

We produce this line of antique looking thin veneer by taking slices from actual moulded brick. The brick we use can be either reclaimed from old buildings or cut from new brick which has been made to look old through manufacturing using sanded moulds. Reclaimed brick is divided into several general types, however the actual colour of any particular batch will vary according to the building from which the brick were taken. It is best to visit our showroom to see actual samples of current production before placing an order.

We produce 90° external corners for all of the styles of brick we cut - although these have to be ordered seperately from the flat facing. We are also able to custom cut any brick for customers who want to match the brick on their house or who have other special requirements.

Please visit one of our showrooms to see the full Heritage Facing product line as well as the other thin veneer facing products we carry.

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