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Glen-Gery Brick

Modular 47-HB

Mid Atlantic molded series

  • 47-HB is a flashed range of brown bricks with a sand moulded texture.

    Glen-Gery moulded bricks are often referred to as "sand struck" meaning that sand is used as a lubricant to release the clay from the moulds and as a way to provide different colours. These "sand-struck" brick are produced with varying degrees of sand on all surfaces except one bedding surface.

  • The modular version of this brick has a thickness of 3-5/8", a height of 2-1/4" and a length of 7-5/8".

    The dimensional tolerances of the product are intended to be within the requirements of ASTM C-216, Type FBS for general use. The product ordered will generally contain a number of units which are over or under the specified dimensions. The dimensional variations are related to the raw materials, forming, drying and firing processes, and the desired finish and colour. Thus, for some products, all the units may be slightly over or slighlty under the specified dimensions. Inquiries should be made regarding the dimensional variations which might be expected if project detailing requires precise coursing. Specialty products or gauged products may be desirable for such applications.

  • Click here for product spec sheet

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