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Glen-Gery Brick

Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery Corporation is the largest moulded brick and fifth largest brick manufacturer in the United States.

Glen-Gery produces high quality brick and an extensive line of product at their 10 different production facilities located in the East and Midwest regions of the United States. Their diverse product line is composed of over 300 products and includes everything from extruded brick in all finishes (including papercut) to machine moulded and glazed face brick, brick pavers and a complete assortment of brick shapes. They produce architecturally-prized Authentic Handmade brick at their plant in York, PA and outstanding quality FBX brick at their Hanley plant. We are proud to represent this fine producer of quality clay brick and invite you to see more of their product in our showroom.

Glen-Gery Thin Brick Facing

Thin brick facings are available from most of Glen-Gery's nine brick manufacturing facilities.  Many of the colours are the same as their full bed brick line, so that we are often able to provide thin veneer to match full brick veneer if required. Outside 90 deg. corners are available as a separate item if required.

At some plants, thin brick from Glen-Gery are produced from "green" brick (before the firing process) which is more cost effective than cutting brick after they have been fired.

 Our standard stock items for thin brick inlcude brick from the Caledonia plant which are made in this way and which include a popular series of brick with a papercut finish.

We carry the full line of Glen-Gery thin facings as well as all the accessory proucts required for good installation.

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