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Suretouch by Permacon

SURETOUCH was developed by Permacon, an innovative company that manufactures masonry and landscaping products sold worldwide. Constantly in search of new technologies, the research and development team in Montreal created the SURETOUCH cladding system to significantly facilitate the installation of masonry.

The SURETOUCH system is a wall cladding that provides an R-13.5 insulation factor, attaches to your existing wall, requires no foundation and has a variety of attractive finishes. The innovative polystyrene panels and stainless steel clips speed installation and ensure you have a wall that will perform for years to come. The system has been rigorously tested and meets the requirements of the Canadian Construction Materials Centre.

For details on the installation of this product please download the installation guide here.

To see the product in person, please visit our showroom.

Suretouch Morency stone installed on a second floor addition