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Brick has been used as a paving material for thousands of years. Brick paving is flexible, durable and extremely beautiful. Although we sell a wide range of concrete paving products, we specialize in clay brick for paving. Clay brick pavers offer a depth of colour, natural warmth and degree of colour permanence that is not available in concrete pavers. Clay pavers are also extremely versatile. They can be installed in a variety of decorative patterns and can be combined with other colours of brick to produce creative and beautiful patterns.
Please look through this section to see samples of some of the clay pavers we carry. You can also download our installation tech note for advice on how these pavers should be installed. We hope you will visit one of our showrooms to see our clay pavers for yourself.

NOTE: the photos shown throughout this web site represent a general impression of the
colour, texture, etc. Always view an actual product sample for accurate colour

Crestline Collection

Cityline Collection

City Line 4" x 8" pavers are generally available in standard (2-1/4") thickness as well as jumbo thickness (2-3/4") for heavy vehicular traffic. Pavers are produced with lugs and a bevelled edge but can also be made available with a straight edge and with or without lugs.

Watch Belden's Proper Installation of Clay Paver video for techniques and factors to consider when installing clay pavers so that your project will have the look and the durability you desire.

Waterstruck Pavers