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Glen-Gery Brick

HMOS Avignon

York Handmade Series

  • Avignon is a brick with a cream and white range of colour, reminiscent of a French chateau. The sand finish coating is absolutely permanent and fused with the underlying reddish brown clay body during firing. Some of the underlying clay colour may show through on a few of the brick which is a normal part of the character of this brick and does not detract from the overall appearance in the wall.

  • The generally available (oversize) version of this brick has a thickness of 4", a height of 2-3/4 inches, and a length of 8-1/2". The modular version of this brick (available by special order) has a thickness of 3-5/8", a height of 2-1/4", and a length of 7-5/8".

  • Click here for product spec sheet

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