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Natural Stone Veneers Inc

Nothing can match the authentic look and timeless appeal of natural stone. A building clad in natural stone is a work of art combining the skills of the mason, who must work the stone by hand, with the variety, beauty and abundance of nature, which created the stone. Natural Stone Veneers International (NSVI) fabricates natural thin veneer stone for interior and exterior building applications in a wide variety of styles and colours.

The raw material for these these thin stone veneers is sourced from quarries all over the world including North America, and this allows NSVI to offer a pallette of colours, styles and textures which is one of the largest available in thin natural stone. To assist with product selection NSVI has divided their product offerings into ten different "collections", each of which has stones of a similar style in a variety of colours.

Because natural stone is a product of the earth, colour and size can vary widely, even within the same type of stone.
 When working with the stone it is always best to mix stone from different boxes or crates and to blend the stone well during installation. The finished result will be something truly unique and absolutely real. Because the stones are natural there will be very little difference between these stone and full bed stone products.

Accurate represenations of colour are difficult to acheive in photographs and for that reason it is always best to make your final selection of stone in our yard where you can see the actual product in sample form. Our staff is very knowledgeable and would be happy to assist you with your selection.