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Permacon is the largest manufacturer of concrete products in Canada and has become the acknowledged market leader by offering innovative products produced with a high level of quality, aesthetics and manufacturing expertise.

In addition to their wide range of building stone, Permacon manufactures several types of brick products in a variety of colours.  These are to designed to compliment their stones as well as to offer an interesting alternative when used on their own. Cinco® brick, Melville® Slik Brick and the new Urbanika® brick have all been modernized to adapt to current trends in house design. Recently Permacon has added Norman size brick to their range of sizes by offering the new Melville Norman brick in certain select colours.

All of Permacon's products are designed to blend and harmonize with each other so that stone, brick and landscaping products combine in a balanced way to express your own taste and your vision of what home should look like. We are proud to be the largest distributor of Permacon products in the GTA and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our showrooms where you will be better able to see these products for yourself.