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Effecitve cleaning of masonry structures can be challenging however a good result can generally be achieved if the appropriate products are chosen and applied in the correct way. Success usually depends upon identifying the type of brick or stone to be cleaned, as well as the type or stain to be removed and then choosing a product or range of products designed for that purpose.

For this reason we handle a wide variety of cleaners designed to deal with everything from new construction job dirt and mortar smears to grafitti and paint removal as well as many other problems.

Our staff is knowledgeable about the cleaners we sell and would be happy to offer advice and suggestions as to the best way to clean your masonry project. Please note that although we may be able to help with selecting the appropriate product for a particular job we cannot guarantee the end result since much depends on the situation on the job site and the technique and experiece of the person doing the cleaning. It is best practice to follow the manufacturer's recommendation as to how their particular product should be cleaned as well as to always follow the instructions and safety precautions for each cleaning product.

Please note that muriatic acid should never be used to clean brick or stone products. The effect of this product on brick and stone varies widely and can potentially be very harmful to new masonry as well as to surrounding stuctures and wildlife.

Some of the products we have available: