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Porcea Stone is a leader in the production of porcelain tiles for outdoor use. They offer the largest range of porcelain landscaping stone made from the finest materials. Designed and manufactured in Italy, for application in North America.

Porcelain tile has many advantages over natural stone which include high compression stength, low water absorption, resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and salt resistance. As well porcelain tiles are generally anti-slip products which are resistant to colour change.

Porcea Stone’s full range of landscaping porcelain tiles has already been time & weather-tested throughout Europe, including countries such as Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Russia, and most Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, & others). Beyond Europe, outdoor porcelain stone has also recently gained traction in Australia and the United States. If you are looking for a durable, elegant finish they should be a consideration for your next project as well.

As with most things masonry it is best to see these products in person before making a selection since digital images do not always accurately represent the colour, shade and finish of these unique items. We would be happy to show them to you in any one of our showrooms.

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