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Jawbone Hand Tools

Tools to pep up your day

Designed and built by masonry contractors, these jointers have a little something extra (actually several things) that will make your job easier and more enjoyable. Having worked for decades in the industry these contractors were frustrated by shortcomings they found in the tools they use everyday and created new designs to improve form and function.

Made with 4140 and 1045 medium carbon steel (depending on the design) and hardened to Rockwell 40 to 45, these jointers will outlast and outperform regular jointers and slickers made from softer metals. The bright coloured handles are made of recycled plastic (also made locally) and make it easier to identify the tool you are looking for at a glance.

Hand-made right here in Ontario, these tools will put a smile on your face.

Mason's Masonry Supply is proud to distribute this exceptional line of quality hand tools which are available in three styles, each in a variety of coloured handles. Replacement handles are also available which can be added to any of your exisitng tools.