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Silver Valley Ledgerock

  • Silver Valley is a type of limestone quarried in China and available from Mason's Masonry Supply. The building stone shown here is pre-dressed with a rocked face and sawn to patricular heights and lengths (4-unit ashlar pattern).

    Sawn and prepared in this way, the stone has a dark grey to black colour with some light grey accents. This is a hard and durable limestone which will give a more formal and structured appearance in a dark tone.

    The stone is available in other formats including flagstone for paving and coping stone for caps and steps.

  • This is a natural stone product which has been sawn to particular sizes and is sold by the piece. Sizes are sawn heights (2-1/4"; 5"; 7-3/4" and 10-1/2") all at lengths of 24".  The heights are sold separately and must be combined on site by your stone mason.

    Although the price per piece varies with the size of the piece the price per square foot is the same for all sizes.

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