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FireRock / Emberlock Fireplaces

Emberlok - FireRock for the Outdoors

Take all the advantages of FireRock and make a center piece for your backyard. Installs fast and looks great. Pre-engineered for strength and a perfect draw. Nothing enhances your outdoor living space more than the natural beauty of a FireRock Fireplace. Easy to use and virtually maintenance free these traditional fireplaces extend our precious summer season. Unlike many other amenities it will increase the value of your property well beyond your initial investment, and it is an investment that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

All FireRock and Emberlok products, being modular, easily lend themselves to customization and can be finished with a wide variety of masonry materials according to your taste.

As well as fireplaces, Emberlok also offers a wood burning pizza oven kit plus fire pits in both square and round configurations.